Trim trees in City Right-of-Way

The City reminds property owners and tenants, it’s time to trim your trees along the public right-of-way. You may you pile branches by the tree (not in gutter) to be picked up by Public Works crew when in your area. The right-of-way line is typically five feet behind the curb or edge, or 10 feet if there is a planter strip. Click-thru for more details, and thank you for your cooperation.

Notices from the City on Current Projects

The first phase of the City's water/sewer line reconstruction project began in late August at Cascade Ave, between 15th to 18th, and will conclude in mid-November. — The Sherman Ave project began October 25th between 9th - 12th. — The Riverside Dr sanitary sewer project began Oct. 12th to replace and repair a substantial length of pipe from Riverside Drive to the N. 2nd Street embankment, and should conclude November 5th. — Click on map image for info on all projects.

Fall Leaves – Public Right-of-Way Reminders

Fall Leaf Reminders – Leaves are beginning to fall and the City reminds the community that it's the property owner's responsibility to keep adjoining sidewalks in safe condition. If there are leaves on nearby sidewalks, please remove them. Leaves should not be raked or blown onto the sidewalk, gutter or street as they can plug storm drains and cause flooding. City Public Works thanks you for your help keeping the City clean and safe.

City Manager Selection Announced

After an extensive search process, the Hood River City Council announced that Abigail Elder will be Hood River’s next city manager beginning November 1. Elder has more than 15 years of local government management experience in Oregon. Mayor Kate McBride said, “She brings energy and expertise in areas the City is headed in the future.” Click on the image to read the full article.

Ways to produce affordable housing is next City effort

The City has completed several major initiatives to promote housing affordability in the past five years. Its newest effort is an Affordable Housing Production Strategy that will identify policy tools and actions to encourage development of more attainable housing. A community task force formed by the Hood River City Council will review strategies to recommend to Council. Click on the image for more info.

Car-sharing is available in Hood River

Car-sharing is available in Hood River with five electric vehicles (EV) to rent by the minute. City vehicle bases are located at the Hood River Fire Station and the Columbia Street parking lot at 5th Street. A third vehicle is located at the Port waterfront on North 1st Street. Two vehicles are located at Columbia Cascade Housing properties in the Heights. Click the photo to read more.

Council meetings now live-streamed

City Council meetings are now in-person and live-streamed. Attendance and public testimony can be in-person or remote, and official City meetings and are archived on the City’s website. Click image to learn more.