Please Keep Our Parks Clean

If you pack it in, please PACK IT OUT. Despite putting out more garbage bins and collecting more frequently, the City is unable to keep up with debris increases at Waterfront Park. Please dispose of trash where food was purchased or plan ahead to PACK IT OUT. Thanks for your help.

July 4th Safety Reminders

The City urges everyone to celebrate the 4th of July holiday safely. The area’s recent history of wildfires and the COVID-19 virus make this year particularly risky. Please gather in small groups only, preferably outdoors, and follow the City's fireworks ordinance. Please click thru for more information.

Masks Required in Indoor Public Spaces

People in Hood River County are required by the State of Oregon to wear face coverings when in indoor public places, effective June 24th. If you do not have a face covering, speak to the operator of the public establishment to obtain one. Some exceptions apply. Click-thru for details.

City issues Right-of-Way Use Permits

Temporary right-of-way usage permits are available from the City to assist businesses during Oregon's phased reopening. Once applications are approved, temporary permits are issued to allow on-street parking space for curbside pick-up spots or parklets for food and beverage consumption. Click-thru for more info.

Be Counted in U.S. Census 2020

The U.S. Census 2020 counting is in progress and residents are encouraged to respond. You can complete your Census questionnaire by phone, mail, or online. Click thru for more info and help our community receive needed resources.

New payment methods for downtown parking

Beginning March 2nd, the City of Hood River will launch new ways to pay for on-street metered parking: eliminating “dashboard slips” from the Cale station, and using parking apps for payment at all metered spots.